Two workshops to fit everybody’s needs and availability

Philip Bloom will host two workshops in Brussels, Belgium. They are both aimed at people with prior experience with DSLRs and/or large sensor cameras. Beginners are also welcome but keep in mind that these workshops get the best value if you have some shooting and production experience. Philip Bloom will be bringing with him a great kit for demonstration during the workshops. Both workshops, even the one day one, are very interactive and the contents are often guided by the attendees... At the end of each workshop,there is an included drink with Philip and the rest of the workshop team. A great networking opportunity!

Workshops are in English language.

Large one day Workshop - February 9th 2013

Philip's one day class will be less focused on the in and outs of gear and more focused on how to tell stories and create films covering elements of lighting, sound, pre production, creativity, interview technique and more. These days with so many fantastic cameras to choose from, it's less about the camera and more about you as a filmmaker and what you can achieve with the equipment you already have. We will of course talk about cameras because its difficult not to, but don't let you camera choices deter you from what will be a great day! Limited to 60 attendees.


Two day Masterclass - February 11th & 12th 2013

During the two day workshop we will be talking about what makes a successful short film, discuss how to increase your production value using elements such as lighting, sound, time lapse, motion. We will be participating in a shooting exercise so bring your own kit as we set out to put some of what you have learnt into practice. On day two we will have a look at what was shot, talk about any questions that arose out of the shooting exercise, discuss a bit about editing and then move onto an analysis of a piece, talk about new camera technology and of course anything else we have time to squeeze in. Limited to 25 attendees.