About Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom is a leading cinematographer and filmmaker with 23+ years of experience. He specialises in documentaries which stemmed from his 16 years in the fast paced hard news world. Since going freelance he has continued documentaries, music videos, commercials, fiction and much more. He recently was the 5D cinematographer on the new WWII movie from Lucasfilm, “Red Tails” and shot the BAFTA / Raindace winning documentary “How To Start A Revolution”.

Over the past 5+ years Philip has become one of the forefront cinematographers in the indie world with a dedication to bring hight quality to projects without spending the money. With the DSLR revolution this was taken to a whole new level, inspiring the new wave of filmmakers that DSLRs allowed to exist. His website and workshops have inspired thousands to get out there to start shooting and become better filmmakers. His website alone gets traffic exceeding 1.5 million hits a month.

When he is not shooting he tours the globe hosting workshops, Philip not only brings his experience but also his passion, dedication and contagious love for filmmaking (as well as his very British sense of humor). Having knowledge and experience is good, but being able to share it with others is a very special skill of Philip Bloom.

Philip’s workshops update as the technology evolves. Whether it’s the Sony FS700, Canon C300, BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera or newer DSLRS, his workshops include most of the latest affordable large sensor camcorders.

For more information about Philip Bloom and his work, head to Philipbloom.net.

Philip Bloom’s recent clients include: Discovery Channel, Lucasfilm, BBC, Sky, ITV, Channel 4, Adidas, CBS.