About us

The Filmmaker's Corner was created as a way to inspire others to exchange and improve.

I started filmmaking a few years back while finishing my management master’s degree and it quickly became my passion/obsession. I am now a freelance director, DoP and producer. I have produced and directed projects ranging from web shorts to feature length documentaries. My recent works include a music video for the band BRNS (nominated for the FIFF 2012) and a short documentary shot in South Africa for Adidas.

As a firm believer that the best thing about this work is meeting new people and learning from each other, the idea of organizing workshops quickly arose. The first industry master I would invite to host a workshop was an easy choice as Philip Bloom has been one of the main forces that inspired me to buy a DSLR and try making videos.

The DSLR revolution generated an immense quantity of content on the internet. Some is good and some isn’t and the amount of information can make it hard for filmmakers to filter it. Through his website, Philip Bloom has consistently delivered useful, honest and passionate information and insights about filmmaking. It is an honor to invite him to Belgium to learn from him in person and get more practical hands on information and advices from him.

Looking forward to meeting you all in February! Haroun Souirji.